Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Audio Book 1)

Some realities regarding Hogwarts: The students of Hogwarts are divided into 4 school residences: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. To be arranged right into a specific college home you have to have specific characteristics. For instance, for Gryffindor you have to have guts, for Slytherin you need to be scheming and also let nothing quit you from accomplishing your objective, for Ravenclaw you have to be intelligent and also for Hufflepuff you have to have a great heart. Harry is arranged right into Gryffindor, equally as his buddies Ron and also Hermione. Slytherin is recognized for producing a lot of dark wizards as well as witches.
Your house of Harry’s uncle and aunt is stationed in a town which satisfies every demand of the perfect town. All the lawns are trimmed to the smallest blade of grass, and also its individuals are proud to never ever be associated with anything strange or mystical. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft as well as Sorcery is really different. It lies in a mysterious landscape of hills, forests as well as a lake. In this area it would be strange if something would certainly have nothing to do with magic! For example, there’s a tree in front of the institution which extra pounds you if you come also near as well as there lives a giant squid in the lake. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Audiobook Download Free.

The story takes place in the present, given that modern-day points like cars happen in the story as well as nothing implies it could have taken place a longer time ago.

Harry Potter, an eleven years of age boy, lives with his terrible Auntie Petunia and also Uncle Vernon as well as their son Dudley. His life isn’t extremely intense; he needs to oversleep the cupboard under the stairways, never ever obtains anything for his birthday celebration (except a set of Uncle Vernon’s old socks perhaps) as well as his nephew Dudley continuously bullies him. One day Harry starts obtaining odd letters and also is saved by a gigantic guy. Harry finds his moms and dads really did not pass away in a car crash (as his uncle as well as aunt constantly informed him), but that they were wizards, and that he’s one too. However that’s not all; he also appears to not just a wizard, however additionally a well-known one. The factor for this is since a Dark Wizard called Voldemort who eliminated a great deal of individuals, including Harry’s moms and dads, lost his power when he tried to kill Harry. Currently Harry additionally knows where from he obtained the scar on his temple.
He signs up at Hogwarts College of Witchcraft as well as Wizardry where he meets new pals, yet also adversaries. In the beginning of the year all the students at Hogwarts are told by Professor Dumbledore (the headmaster) not to go into the 3rd floor corridor, unless they desire to “die a really uncomfortable death”. As the year continues Harry finds that the Philosopher’s Rock, a magical rock which is capable of transforming anything right into gold and also prolonging life, is saved behind this hallway. He likewise finds a person is attempting to steal it.

The tale starts with an intro to the characters of Uncle Vernon as well as Aunt Petunia, in which is claimed that they’re flawlessly typical, except for the truth that they’re household of the Potters (Petunia’s sibling, Harry’s mother was a witch as well as wed to James Potter, a wizard and Harry’s daddy). They tried to avoid satisfying them as much as possible and also it was working quite possibly up until one morning Uncle Vernon sees odd people with cloaks as well as listens to rumours about the Potters as well as their kid Harry. First he thinks he’s most likely heard it incorrect, however eventually the Dursley’s nightmare comes to be reality; Harry (still an infant) is stopped by Dumbledore at their door to come to live with them after his moms and dads where killed.
The orgasm of the tale is the fight in between Harry as well as Quirrel (or actually Voldemort) over the Philosopher’s Rock. This is one of the most essential event of guide since the end result of the battle refers life and death not just to Harry, however, for the whole wizarding world.
Represent the title:
title: Harry Potter as well as the Philosopher’s Rock.
Harry Potter is the major personality in the tale. When he’s at Hogwarts he uncovers that an important object is safeguarded there. Gradually he and also his good friends find out this beneficial things is the Philosopher’s Rock, a stone with magic powers that will turn anything right into gold and gives prolonged life. It’s obvious that the individual attempting to take the stone is stealing it to give it to Voldemort, a dark wizard that was extremely powerful as soon as however lost his powers after he tried to kill Harry. Harry wants to avoid Voldemort geting the rock, because if the dark wizard does it will imply death and also destruction to the wizarding world. So he as well as his buddies most likely to discover the rock and also maintain this Voldemort/Quirrel from getting it.

Joanne Kathleen Rowling was born on July 31st, 1965, in Cracking Sodbury, Gloucestershire, England. Her sis Di was birthed less than two years later. Rowling cases she created her first tale when she had to do with 5 or six years of ages. It had to do with a bunny called Bunny and also a called Miss. Ever since after that she has intended to be a writer, though she never informed anyone.
Rowling moved two times while growing up. When she resided in Winterbourne she had friends with Potter as their surname. She liked the kids and also their name and never forgot them.
When Rowling was nine years old her family members relocated to Tutshill. There she attended a primary school as well as later mosted likely to Wyedean Comprehensive. After she graduated there, she attended Exeter College where she studied French to end up being a bilingual assistant. Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Audiobook Streaming Online.  However, it really did not take long prior to she knew she wasn’t indicated to be an assistant. When she was 26 she relocated to Portugal to function there as an English educator. It was during this period that she started working on a story concerning a wizard. Rowling married a Portuguese journalist and also not long after their child was birthed in 1993, they divorced. She and her infant daughter relocated to Scotland to live closer near her sister Di. Throughout this duration she obtained determined not only to finish her Harry Potter novel but likewise to get it released. She usually wrote in restaurants so she as well as her child could remain warm. After a number of rejections Rowling finally offered her novel Harry Potter and also the Philosopher’s Stone to Bloomsbury for $4000. In the meanwhile, she was working as a French teacher to maintain her and her child. After several months an American publisher purchased the American rights for Harry Potter as well as she got sufficient cash to surrender her job as a French instructor.
Not long after Bloomsburry published Harry Potter Rowling was identified as a major discovery. In 1997 guide won The British Book Honors Children’s Publication of the Year, as well as the Smarties Prize. The various other collection of Harry Potter likewise came to be very popular as well as obtained several prices. By 2000 she had earned over $400 million dollars for her very first 3 Harry Potter publications, which have actually been printed in 35 languages as well as had actually marketed over 30 million duplicates.


The Theorist’s Rock is the initial in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series of 7 stories that have made her the most effective literary writer of perpetuity, offering over of 400 million copies world-wide. The books are read and taken pleasure in by children and adults alike and also have also been made right into extremely popular films.

Do the Harry Potter publications measure up to the buzz? When I initially began reading the Theorist’s stone I was right away struck by exactly how good – and laugh-out-loud funny – the humour was. You typically need to check out a Terry Pratchett novel to guarantee consistent giggling throughout but Rowling has taken care of to infuse this book with a lovely wit as well as appeal that will certainly both entertain and also thrill adults and also children.