Star Wars – Honor Among Thieves Audiobook

Star Wars – Honor Among Thieves Audiobook

Star Wars - Honor Among Thieves Audiobook

Star Wars – Honor Among Thieves Audio Book Free


Celebrity Wars: Empire & Rebellion: Honor Among Burglars, or SWEARHAT as we like to call it around FANgirl, is the Han Solo-centric story in the Empire as well as Rebellion collection. It is likewise guide that momentarily made me examine if Han Solo was truly my favored Star Wars personality.

Technically, My Fave Celebrity Wars Character is a title collectively granted to three characters, yet Han has been on that listing since I first saw A Brand-new Hope as a little kid. I’ve always appreciated Han’s sarcasm as well as bravado. His plans, when he had them, always left something to be wanted, but he constantly turned up and also had the abilities ready for when it really counted. Star Wars – Honor Among Thieves Audiobook Download. There’s no doubt he’s that Han below, however those same high qualities in this tale reached a point where they started to come to be behind the times and, at times, even sort of grating.

Honor Among Burglars is by no indicates a poor book. The writing of James S.A. Corey (Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck) is decent, with stimulates of luster here and there– particularly in the thoughtful, galaxy-at-large minutes. The dialogue all seem like it could have come out of any one of the motion pictures. However Han’s character seemed stuck. There was no real growth for him in this tale.

Establishing the book throughout the Galactic Civil War between A Brand-new Hope as well as The Empire Strikes Back appears to have restricted the writers, which is something I didn’t feel in the very first book of the series, Razor’s Edge by Martha Wells. It’s true that establishing puts specific parameters on where the personalities can end up as well as just how much modification can truly happen, yet whereas Razor’s Edge strengthened Leia’s character, revealing us even more of what consideration as well as pain resided inside her, Honor Among Thieves maintained Han boxed in, like a scene stuck on repeat– the feelings as well as inspirations of Han’s time on the Death Celebrity replayed in differing locales. Also when he takes a minute to show, it’s constantly the exact same monitoring on how his course was changed by grabbing Obi-Wan and also Luke for that trip to Alderaan. The few times he thinks about Luke, it coincides sentiment of wanting to watch out for the youngster, even though for the majority of the tale he’s no place near him. Besides, Luke seems to be doing just great.

I also went back to enjoy A New Hope and saw that Han’s lifting from there is medical. Yet it shocked me that with all the observations Han makes regarding the Empire in this publication, he never makes any connections concerning his own time at the Imperial Academy. Probably the authors were instructed to keep the references generally to the films.

Meanwhile, Han’s trusty co-pilot Chewbacca is largely relegated to an additional character. The Wookiee’s initial reaction is to protest against whatever just occurred or was stated basically every single time somebody says something to him or something happens to the Centuries Falcon. That’s something Chewbacca does, no doubt, yet I have actually never ever felt it was his main choice already.

When it came to the brand-new personalities, they were much easier to distinguish than the ones in Razor’s Edge, although there were additionally fewer of them. Honor Among Thieves Audiobook Free. The scene when Baasen Ray, a contraband colleague of Han’s, very first appears is reminiscent of an episode of Joss Whedon’s Firefly. The Western feel, the dialogue, the unaccounted-for 3rd party tinkering the strategy– it was a neat aspect I didn’t see coming. Baasen was likewise unique and rather well-developed for his limited page time. The exact same could be claimed for the burglar Seeker Mass, that was exceptionally reminiscent of The Duplicate Wars’ Hondo Ohnaka– full with an animal on his shoulder and also deceptions of magnificence.

We additionally get Scarlet Hark, a Rebel spy Han’s been sent off to recover from behind Imperial lines. I liked her, yet I believe a large part of that concerned the reality that I like Leia. Scarlet comes off as Leia with a wider ability, a smaller extent of duties, as well as some more elevation. She can look after herself. She fasts with a return. And I need to provide the writing group props for Scarlet’s useful method to her hair; she constantly gets it out of the way when there’s potential for action. Regarding 3 quarters via the book we likewise figure out Scarlet is an adrenaline-junkie, which aids even more her from Leia a little and explains extra regarding why she does what she does. Together Scarlet’s and also Leia’s influence make the story a lot more gender-balanced than the dramatis personae implies. It’s most convenient to see the differences in between the ladies when they’re both in the exact same scene, however.